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Real Estate Salesperson

Originally from a kibbutz in Northern Israel, Daniel landed in New York over eight years ago and has worked in real estate ever since, first as land and commercial acquisition specialist, and then as a project manager for development sites in Brooklyn and Queens. He makes good use of this experience with his current buyers and sellers by providing insights on every aspect of the market from multiple industry perspectives. "While I might be defined as a broker, I also see myself as a consultant. Selling property is different than selling a car or a bottle of water. In real estate, both the opportunities and the risks are infinite; there is not always one right or wrong answer or a set approach to take. It depends on the client and the market. Markets change so quickly that even veteran developers don’t always know exactly what they’re stepping into. That's why I’m here."

At Corcoran, Daniel specializes in residential sales throughout the city, with a strong focus on townhouses and new development in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Daniel works hard to ensure maximum possible returns for his clients by working carefully with developers and investors to prepare listings and process transactions for co-ops, condos, and townhouses. He also makes a point to advise buyers and sellers about rapidly changing market prices and trends. He helps individual buyers achieve their goals by providing the information necessary to make informed decisions and then guiding them through the relocation process. Daniel’s clients consistently appreciate his track record as a reliable advisor even when the real estate market is in poor health. "Going through the 2008 meltdown on the developers’ side taught me a great deal about good and bad planning and timing, loss and gain, risks, relationships, and ingenuity."

Daniel is fluent in Hebrew and is currently studying Spanish. Outside of work, he loves jogging in Prospect Park, traveling the world, and observing unique and functional architecture in New York and on his travels. "Whenever I look at a building, I think about the possible stories behind the walls. When was it built? Who lives there now? What was the building’s original purpose and how has it changed?" At Corcoran, Daniel loves the opportunity to help his buyers and sellers contribute their own narratives to buildings throughout NYC on a daily basis.

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